6477167983 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-716-7983, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-11 11:49:14
  • Harlan

I just read it all to send low this side of american dollars 1000 00 yesterday... in hindsight. I have an add on Kijiji looking for 4 tickets. He answered with the same e Mail which everyone has already mentioned. on the phone he said his name was Johnbut his obviously named law changes frequently. and his phone number in my case was in 1710 still several of Toronto 416 908. I had changed my order 2 tickets two people back out on me so I. so I sent him 310 in its CIBC. Then actually waited 2 days for my tickets or for me to respond. then he tells me that the company not 2 cause of tickets which I originally wanted 4 it said sell me he I hd to his account a further 330 put in. So I did. then he tells me they re only gunna refund me cause my money problems on gone and 100.00 balances get ID with Ticketmaster. then Mony was in the wrong account then he said he needed a further 1000 from me and then they could 2000 in my account... In the not so stupid. He said happened. and 2 days now he heard. But if he the 1000 additional wanted said Bux from me he got very aggressive he was gunna sue me because it was mean guilt that was the money in the wrong Acct and he gunna lose ticket his driver s license. He said a lot of very rude things infact shouted me pretty much that much of its right there broken Professionalim. This man has no heart. I ll be glad when he is caught. only a matter of time. I took it to the cops YEST and have also an investigator digging into finding what he can. and they said Toronto Police are looking into it and this can be to find the ticket for this guy. and the more people who sign it would be the better great if we back saw all some money but personally to see ID love this guy where he belongs.he is defenitly what he does good tricks to believe every Word makes seem like a friend and can be pretty much with every dubious question. This is the info I removed account number on him.giancarlo Andolicibc and the phone number from above. also said that he was lifting with stub as he initially defenitly sounds called me what the Italian like everyone else says. I doubt the police not older than 30.Dez if he have something similar as you report defenitly where I live said that this problem is well known and me coverage it may be the last ticket of the need. So bad I keep this page thumb printed and there the cops just shows how many people he is screw over and shares his different info.


  • 2015-05-12 16:59:02
  • Crystal

OK sounds familiar on May 9 a ticket display I have 4 vip tickets by e Mail the man the sound had a Latin American accent which also may sound like an Italian accent very genuine. He said that he has sold 4 vip tickets because he was with his family to a wedding and could not go more. Said he would transfer tickets through Ticketmaster... and that I a Ticketmaster to open account so I have had I called Ticketmaster and asked if transfers were legit they said he failed to transmit if they were not. I went ahead and did a CIBC Etransfer for a large sum of money. He guided me through the process... I transferred money ticket hub Inc. at ticketmaster@null.net. He said I would receive an email within 10 minutes to make them and I have. She wanted my address and said that with the package to me via UPS within 5 working days would be shipped. It turns out the tickets were not finally purchased by Ticketmaster and so she would not show up on my account. They originally told me that she don t would show up in my account because they were vip tickets which had to be shipped in one package. I was waiting for a package arrived I thought she was an e Mail and someone else email d assured me back me that it was on the way. I contacted the guy who sold me the tickets and he said that he would call he told me that they were sending me a tracking number which they said went they waited for several days uploaded by no tracking number and no tickets. I contacted the guy again he said he was going down to see what was going on he was upset because he said as he went he saw my tickets not delivered they waited for allowing someone goes form the shipping department emailed me excused herself and said she would send me a 100 dollar certificate for home feeling because of delay. He said he now had my tickets and mailing — she was the next day. He never did again I called the guy and he said he took from the work and mean to get tickets and a refund. He said he would have sent the cards and a check from ups and that to pay anything wasn t until my daughter safe in the venu at this time that it was difficult to him by faith that happened... I tried to call him when he was in Office but he said he could not pick up the phone when I asked weather he really he was offended. I was wondering if he me my stuff shipping costs would be what he said today or tomorrow. I tried to text and call him today is the day on which he is suppose to be things ship and he has does not respond at all which is weird because my texts and calls until now he answered within minutes.  For 16 days I ordered his tickets so what do think cheated or not?


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